work in progress...

the blog is still under construction. i need to fill in some links on the side. thanks to you who have posted. today's thought: how can i see things from a different perspective?


kill your television...

if i could get rid of my television i would. it just doesn't seem practical right now. it would save me $840 a year in cable costs. but i don't see us being televisionless anytime soon. in a small victory, however, i have not turned the t.v. on all week. probably because i have been occupied with the book natural cures they don't want you to know about by kevin trudeau. it is a best seller and kindof controversial. his basic theme is what we are putting into our bodies (food and medicine) is filling our bodies with toxins. we are unaware of this but the government and companies are not. it seems conspiracy theory but i'm digging the book (and the conspiracy theories). i've drastically changed my eating habits (at least for this week). i'm not shopping at big supermarkets or food from large manufacturers. this week has been mostly vegetarian. and i'm digging that too. we'll see how far i go. --- more hymns: be thou my wisdom and thou my true word i ever with thee and thou with me lord thou my great father and i thy true son thou in me dwelling and i with thee one


a blog is like a pet...

okay so i haven't posted in a while. not that i don't have things to say (visulize laura rolling her eyes in the background). why is there discontent in the blog world when someone takes a day or two off? Even if it's three or four let's give some leeway. although i will claim ignorance to blogger etiquette since i am new to this scene. if i have violated any rules or regulations (written or unwritten) please accecpt (or is it except?) this apology. from a hymn: riches i heed not, nor man's empty praise, thou my inheritance now and always; thou and thou only, first in my heart, high king of heaven my treasure thou art. -be thou my vision


wish i knew what i knew now...

...when i was younger. heard this song in the gym today. reminds me of these words: The glory of young men is their strength, and the beauty of old men is their gray head [suggesting wisdom and experience].



this weekend i was reminded that our actions have consequences. unfortunately as i was driving down friendly ave. my speed exceeded the posted regulatory limit. an officer pulls a "uie" to come after me. i didn't even realize i was going as fast as i was. the cop was miffed at me. not only did i get a ticket but i received a lecture on how i was the fastest car on friendly, that it was residential and that i could loose my license if i was going a couple miles faster. my speed was excessive. i can't deny that. so give me the ticket. but let's forego the lecture. i wanted to ask the cop if he ever in his life ventured over the speed limit. i didn't. i was very polite and apologetic. i maintained respect for the law. the worst part: 150 smackers down the drain.


the latest scam (at least in my book)

so i'm cleaning the apartment to get ready for the in-laws this weekend. there i am down on my hands and knees scrubbing the bathroom floor and my wife insults me by handing me a swiffer wet jet. do you have one of these items? at first glance they seem ingenius. way cooler than a tradtional mop and definitely easier than scrubbing with a sponge. it even has a trigger to shoot cleaning solution on the floor! whoa. but unfortunately it fails to do any real cleaning. all the swiffer does is push the dirt around, smearing it into the tile. and the scouring pad at the top is lame. you're not going to remove any crusty items with that. if forget what this cleaning device costs (i think $30 with a coupon?) initially and then they nail you on refills. i'm sticking to soap and water, elbow grease and a sponge. mom will be proud.


day trader...

so i bought my first stock the other day. 3.848 shares to be exact. the lucky company is concophilips. i've been watching several stocks over the last few months: toyota, target, dell, nextel and intel. there are two small companies, metwood and new river pharmacueticals, that i also watch. laura has disney and she works for entercom so we have that too. concophilips was the first company i actually researched first and then purchased. ruth's chris steakhouse just went public. i'm trying to set up a scottrade account so i can buy some but my password isn't working for some reason. we love ruth's chris so why not buy it? my only reason is we love the steaks. if you have any stock tips for me send them my way. it's no good to have zeal without knowledge, or to be hasty and miss the way



this post is written in red to represent the front of my body. i was outside reading by the pool yesterday and let's just say things got a little toasty. right now i am suffering from withdrawl. each morning before i leave for work i try and catch 10-15 minutes of the news. it isn't really news, it's more entertainment with news thrown in. well i decided that's a waste of my time (i can find out the news on the internet) so I'm not turning on the tv before work anymore. this morning i've denied the remote and am suffering for it.


thought of the day:

it is better to give than to receive


the intelligent investor...

for years i've been wanting to gain more knowledge of investing. this past year i have read two books on money and investing. The first one is Smart Couples Finish Rich by David Bach. I read through it quickly learning a lot. I recommend it. The second book was Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki. Also quite good. This book was more encouraging and inspiring than giving how-to's of investing. And finally the book I recently purchased through my conservative book club (visualize Laura rolling her eye's in the background) is The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham. It was recommended by Warren Buffett. Worried that it might be over my head, I have been pleasantly surprised at the, shall I say, accessability. Today I finished chapter two at Barne's as I sipped my $1.77 cup of coffee. Here's a couple lines that stuck out: Intelligent investing is more a matter of mental approach than it is of technique. A sound mental approach toward stock fluctuations is the touchstone of all successful investment under present day conditions. ...indifference to market fluctuations... ...deal in values, not price movements... What good is it to have money without wisdom? Proverbs

wisdom speaks:

...whoever listens to me will live in safety and be at ease, without fear of harm.

For the LORD gives wisdom, and from his mouth come knowledge and understanding. He holds victory in store for the upright, he is a shield to those whose walk is blameless, for he guards the course of the just and protects the way of his faithful ones.
Then you will understand what is right and just and fair - every good path. For wisdom will enter your heart, and knowledgew will be pleasant to your soul. Discretion will protect you and understanding will guard you.