this weekend i was reminded that our actions have consequences. unfortunately as i was driving down friendly ave. my speed exceeded the posted regulatory limit. an officer pulls a "uie" to come after me. i didn't even realize i was going as fast as i was. the cop was miffed at me. not only did i get a ticket but i received a lecture on how i was the fastest car on friendly, that it was residential and that i could loose my license if i was going a couple miles faster. my speed was excessive. i can't deny that. so give me the ticket. but let's forego the lecture. i wanted to ask the cop if he ever in his life ventured over the speed limit. i didn't. i was very polite and apologetic. i maintained respect for the law. the worst part: 150 smackers down the drain.


Brett said...

i hope you learned your lesson young man.

Kevin Cieslukowski said...

rebuke a wise man and he will love you.

where's the love?

lost with the beef.