Reading on the Kindle...

Last Christmas Laura gave me a Kindle as a gift. Although I prefer an actual book, it was great for my train ride to and from work. What I like best about it is being able to download a book on the spot.

Here is a list of books I read last year via Kindle:

The Holy Bible (i didn't read all of it! just select chapters)

5000 Year Leap by W. Cleon Skousen (read this one twice)

The Death and Life of the Great American School System by Diane Ravitch

Everyday Justice: The Global Impact of Our Daily Choices by Julie Clawson

Following Jesus by NT Wright

Grace Notes by Philip Yancey

Obama Zombies by Jason Mattera

The Road to Serfdom by F.A. Hayek (still finishing up)

Rush Limbaugh: An Army of One by Zev Chafets

Various Chapters of the NYC Building Code

The Barnes and Nobel Nook is much more impressive. I'm sure these devices will only get better as the months go by.

NYC Council to Ban Smoking in City Parks & Beaches...

It is nice not smelling like cigarette smoke after eating at a restaurant or having a drink at the bar. However I do miss the occasional second-hand smoke buzz.

It would be nice to know the reasoning behind the council's ruling. Cigarette butts on the ground is the most annoying aspect of smoking. Nail them for littering, not smoking right? I don't ever recall having a day at the park ruined by second-hand smoke. Keeping my toddler from picking up the discarded butts is the challenge.

With rulings like this, and the high taxes & cost of living, it makes New York less and less appealing (and feasible). It should be a kick in the rear for people to get involved in their local governments. I went to my first Town of Babylon board meeting. There were about 20 people there and 10 of them looked like staffers.


Egypt's third president Anwar el Sadat, winner of a Noble Peace Prize, was assassinated in 1981...

Mubarak was his vice president and successor. I am unaware of the relationship between the two.

I read Sadat's autobiography, In Search of Identity, a few years ago. Although I do not remember specifics, I do recall enjoying his story.