How to Read a Book...

Mortimer J. Adler and Charles Van Doren wrote this book subtitled, "The Classic Guide to Intelligent Reading". I don't recall who recommended this book to me but I remember it was quite sometime ago. I picked it up from my local library.

"There have always been literate ignoramuses who have read too widely and not well" pg 12.

"If you ask a living teacher a question, he will probably answer you. If you are puzzled by what he says, you can save yourself the trouble of thinking by asking him what he means yourself. In this respect a book is like nature or the world. When you question it, it answers you only to the extent that you do the work of thinking and analysis yourself." pg 15


Mel Gibson

"Change is always proceeded by a little pain. [Shrugs shoulders with smile.] Some people can change and they don’t have to go through so many painful things. But I think that I’m of a personality [laughs at himself] that I’m a little stubborn, so it’s tough for me." -Mel Gibson

from an interview with Allison Hope Weiner


Crony Capitalism...

GE's profits up!

CEO Jeffrey Immelt is an advisor to President Obama.


657 New Islands Discovered Worldwide...

The article says, "The newly identified barrier islands didn't miraculously appear in the last decade, said study team member Matthew L. Stutz of Meredith. They've long existed but were overlooked or misclassified in past surveys."


An atheist's take on Easter...

I haven't had time to really take this in but thought I'd post it:

Ricky Gervais

Okay...I read the piece and it ain't worth your time. Man, I thought this guy was funny at the Golden Globes or whatever he hosted and hoped he would have something witty and insightful to share. Other than him thinking about Easter, I find little else to really emphasize here.

Sorry to waste your time