My lovely wife has joined the blog world lovetolaughoutloud. Check it out when you get a chance. She is an excellent writer. Warning: high drama.

And speaking of my lovely wife, we are currently in a battle over the thermostat in our apartment. She tried to make a truce but I am refusing. It is more like a cease-fire on my part.

Laura has the heat jacked up to 78-79 degrees! She wanted to call a truce at 75! Yeah, that's what I'm saying. The heat is so intense I can smell the paint burning. I can handle 70, maybe 72. I don't know what to do. I need some help on this one.

What is a reasonable temperature to heat your home to? And keep in mind that my Laura as wonderful as she is, is not reasonable.



Since we moved to Long Island, I've been doing the job search. Simplyhired.com is an awesome site that pulls from careerbuilder, monster, and many other job search engines. Thought I would pass it along in case anyone else is looking. It is my favorite site so far.

Monster and Careerbuilder are good for posting resume's. I have had success with people looking at my info and even got an interview this way. But I find them lacking when doing specific job searches.

If you know of any other sites please comment below.



My grandfather-in-law who is in his 80's started a blog: revdandugan.blogspot.com He is a cancer survior and he wanted to encourage others who are fighting it and have survived it.

He is a pastor of a church in West Paterson, NJ. He is also a phenominal cook. Oh the manicotti!

Check it out and pass it on to those you think it may help who are suffering with an illness or disease



Who invented it and why. Do you really want onion breath all morning??? A mouth wash or gum company probably thought this one up to boost sales.


What's compatibility have to do with it???

This came up in our Bible study group last Tuesday night. I can't take credit for it, Carrie is to thank for that. I will share what we discussed.

Somehow we were talking about the differences between my wife Laura and myself. When it comes to personality we are extreme opposites. Most of the couples in our group would consider themselves opposites on many aspects, not just personality. EHarmony boasts more matches that become marriages than any other service. You can get a free compatiblity report right on their website! One of their commercials has a couple all starry eyed saying how they find more and more in common with each other every day.

I think Laura and I find more that's different than the same! I'm not saying that one way is better than the other, but I would like to know if more marriages are two people of "compatibility" or "opposabiltiy" (if that is even a word).

Maybe EHarmony factors this into their "compatibility" tests but I would venture to say that they do not.

Anyways we all thought this to be odd. Can anyone help me out?


Keeping the New Year's Rez...

My car needed new brakes so I took it to the Toyota dealership. I figured I'd continue reading a book I got for Christmas as I waited. The title is called Overdosed America The Broken Promise of American Medicine. It is a book written by a family doctor who through personal research discovers that many of the new drugs heavily marketed do little to help the medical condition they were invented for and even cause more harm to the patient. Sometimes simply exercising will be more effective than taking a drug!

From what I've read so far it seems that the health industry is just as interested if not more in your money than your well-being. It is a good lesson for us to stay informed as to what is happening out there and pay careful attention to what we are putting into our bodies.

I just read this article today about over-the-counter cough medicine being ineffective.


Happy New Year...

I'm a little slow starting the new year. As for resolutions, no specific ones. Only that I want to be more creative and the I want to read more. I did a personal inventory and found that I only read two books (cover to cover) in '05. There were a lot of books I rummaged through but didn't completely read.