William F. Buckley, Jr., Word of the Day:


1. Done, made, or acquired by stealth
2. Acting or doing something clandestinely 

"It turned out that several of my coconspirators had fathers with similar prejudices, so that when our little syndicate was formed we all agreed that communications among ourselves on the subject of our surreptitious hobby would go out discreetly, lest they be intercepted."


How U Doin'???

This is the view from my desk in our new office.  Working in NYC never really gets old. The commute to and from can but I am able to read a lot of books.  Right now I am reading what the author calls "a literary autobiography".  The only reason I have the book is because I joined a book club and got it for free.  Here is an excerpt from William F. Buckley's 
"Miles Gone By":
It is wonderfully comforting to reflect that the New Testament speaks other than invidiously of wine.  There is always the sin of excess, and I comply with the biblical injunctions against greed by making it a hard-and-fast rule never to pay excessive prices for wine

A good book can make or break the train ride home.  I was forcing myself to read "Pride and Prejudice" and I dreaded going home because I couldn't stomach those two sisters rambling.  Perhaps when i mature.

My friend James Shanks took this picture of lightning hitting the Brooklyn Bridge.  Screw Ben Franklin.


Stuff that in your carbon credit pipe and smoke it...


There are two sides to every story so I would love to hear the other side of this one!


No stop signs...no speed limits...

Saturday as I was walking in the bank parking lot after getting some cash out of the ATM, a car rolled up blaring AC/DC's "Highway to Hell". For a moment I was whisked off to my youth when the ringing of church bells drowned out the 1979 classic and gave me a smile. I don't want to read into it, but with all that is going on in my life, this brief moment in my weekend was a humorous reminder of who is to be heard - rather who will be heard.