How U Doin'???

This is the view from my desk in our new office.  Working in NYC never really gets old. The commute to and from can but I am able to read a lot of books.  Right now I am reading what the author calls "a literary autobiography".  The only reason I have the book is because I joined a book club and got it for free.  Here is an excerpt from William F. Buckley's 
"Miles Gone By":
It is wonderfully comforting to reflect that the New Testament speaks other than invidiously of wine.  There is always the sin of excess, and I comply with the biblical injunctions against greed by making it a hard-and-fast rule never to pay excessive prices for wine

A good book can make or break the train ride home.  I was forcing myself to read "Pride and Prejudice" and I dreaded going home because I couldn't stomach those two sisters rambling.  Perhaps when i mature.

My friend James Shanks took this picture of lightning hitting the Brooklyn Bridge.  Screw Ben Franklin.


Brett Thompson said...

Good to see you guys! Welcome back to blogging finally! Hey I need your email address too....

Kevin Cieslukowski said...

Good to see you too.