Product Review...

"The more we share the more we have..." (an internet search credits this quote to Leonard Nimoy)

These are a few items I have tried over the past couple of months and wanted to share:

I bought the Iron Gym with a gift certificate I was given as a Christmas present. It is about 50 bucks and well worth it. I don't have a gym membership and because of time constraints on my schedule, probably never will. I may never need one again with Iron Gym. It does leave marks on a white door frame but that is my only compaint.

To supplement the Iron Gym, Laura bought me The Perfect Push-up for Valentine's Day. I was skeptical of these but I actually really like using them. I have not been very consistent but when I have used them I have felt the burn.

This may be a repeat but I can't get enough of the Cholula hot sauce. I like to try all kinds of hot sauces. Cholula is not the hottest but it is the tastiest. I put it on eggs, baked potatoes, rice, even pasta. There must be some chemical in the ingredients that causes addiction because I stock up on the stuff and cannot go without it.

If you want eco-friendly clothes and don't mind paying for it Nau may be something to check out. They recently went out of business and relaunched their products in October of 2008. I treated myself to a few items over the holidays. I say treat because it is expensive compared to shopping at stores in the mall. If you are a regular at Bloomingdales or Armani then maybe you think otherwise. A 100 bucks for a t-shirt is a little ridiculous. Nau has good end of season sales, sometimes even offering 40-50% off. That's when I check in to make a purchase. If you subscribe to their email newsletter "off the grid" you get an early heads up on sales.

I ordered a couple shirts last spring and they mistakenly sent me a double order. When I contacted customer service they told me to keep it or give them to a friend. It was because they were going out of business but still I though it was a nice thing to do. (Maybe that's why they went out of business, giving away product!)


Wisdom calls aloud in the street...

What I am about to post will probably label me a radical. I came across this article, Let's End Adolescence, a couple months ago and it definitely intrigued me.

I do not really have much experience with this other than looking back over my own adolescence and time in school. But it does make sense to me. How much time did we waste in school? And how bad were some of our teachers?

Wisdom calls out to the young.


Seeking to Save the Planet, with a Thesaurus


Walking with Wisdom...

My apologies...Walking with Wisdom has gone negative over the past couple of weeks. The current political climate and the grandstanding of politicians has been too much to bear. However, this is no excuse...we have more self-control and discipline than that. We have just refused to tap into it.

What I love about wisdom is the expanding definition. Wisdom is discipline, knowledge,understanding, insight, prudence, discernment, and discretion. Who does not need/want these? As we intentionally walk in wisdom I believe these aspects of it unfold in front of us.

Discretion is especially important in our current climate of economic tumult and cultural soul searching.

There is something intriguing about being discrete. Maybe it is my personality. Discretion is, hard to believe, very satisfying.

Comedy of Errors...

Nobody messes with Joe