Wisdom calls aloud in the street...

What I am about to post will probably label me a radical. I came across this article, Let's End Adolescence, a couple months ago and it definitely intrigued me.

I do not really have much experience with this other than looking back over my own adolescence and time in school. But it does make sense to me. How much time did we waste in school? And how bad were some of our teachers?

Wisdom calls out to the young.


Kevin said...

That amazingly coincides with another article I read recently called "Stop worrying about your children".

I think many responsibilities that should be learned by preteen kids have been pushed off until they are teenagers which results in the bored, unproductive kids Newt talked about.

It all boils down to lowered expectations, and I believed it's one of society's biggest current problems., especially in the "middle class" whatever that is.

Kevin Cieslukowski said...


Read also Walter Williams "Fraud in Academia"