Solis Foundation...

The Solis Foundation is a non-profit organization focused on ending poverty and creating economic sustainability in developing communities in foreign countries and the US. I am excited about what they are doing and am glad to make donations toward their efforts.

Please check out their website when you have a chance.

Good Quote...

Most of Kid Rock's music is too crude for me but some of his songs are awesome. He has a great voice and his sound is memorable. A couple of his songs require a shower after listening to them but I just delete them.

On the inside of one of his albums he makes this quote:

"If it looks good, you'll see it; if it sounds good, you'll hear it, if it is marketed right, you'll buy it; but...if it's real, you'll feel it."

Okay, enough Kid.


World Premiere...

Laura and I saw Superman last night. We had free tickets so what the heck right? Well if you are teetering on the fence to see it or not I suggest you save your 10 bucks. Some of the special effects were cool and I enjoyed watching Kevin Spacey play Lex Luther. Other than that I'd say its a snoozer.

Hollywood wasted my time - a whole 2.5 hours on this one. Good-bye Lois.


Searching for my lost shaker of salt...

Thank God I didn't discover margaritas until after college.

The wisdom of Jimmy Buffet


ipod nation...

I treated myself to an ipod for my birthday. It is awesome. The design is so cool, especially the wheel.

Right now I have 574 songs on my ipod or two days worth of music. I also can watch videos and I love the podcasts.

June 30th is my last day of work at my current job. I resigned for "personal" reasons. On the 5th I start a new job in NYC. I have an hour train ride from our apartment. The ipod is going to be crucial.

Let me know if you have any book suggestions. I just finished The Da Vinci Code, in time to see the movie, thus completing one of my life goals of reading a book before watching the movie. And like everyone always said, the book is better...much better.


Life's Too Short to...

Be miserable

Drink bad coffee

Drink bad beer

Drink bad wine




Rock on...

I tried to access my blog at work the other day and I was blocked by our "Surf Control".

They have tightened things up so I can't really view anything not related to work. Even some work related sites get blocked. I think someone downloaded a virus.

I think that since we are in the year 2006, internet access at work should be one of the perks. If someone cannot "police" themselves from wasting time or doing inappropriate things than police them. Not me.

I pay bills online, communicate with family and simply enjoy a five minutue break from work via the internet. I am not outraged over this but I am disappointed.