Rock on...

I tried to access my blog at work the other day and I was blocked by our "Surf Control".

They have tightened things up so I can't really view anything not related to work. Even some work related sites get blocked. I think someone downloaded a virus.

I think that since we are in the year 2006, internet access at work should be one of the perks. If someone cannot "police" themselves from wasting time or doing inappropriate things than police them. Not me.

I pay bills online, communicate with family and simply enjoy a five minutue break from work via the internet. I am not outraged over this but I am disappointed.


c-spewer said...

wow... that's draconian, but I guess it's inevitable. I wonder how much time is wasted per day on average on the internet. Of course, as you point out, people need breaks, so if you don't get them by surfing, perhaps you'd get them by walking down the hall and shooting the breeze w/ a coworker.

Kevin Cieslukowski said...

or having a smoke