Twilight - When you can live forever what do you live for?

Laura wanted to go see the movie Twilight because she heard a lot of buzz and hype - long lines, sold out shows, etc.  Neither one of us knew anything about it or seen the trailer.  I thought it was going to be about aliens for no other reason than the title is Twilight and aliens generally come out at night.

That was my only presupposition going in (however, I was a little miffed paying $21.50 for two tickets and 10 bucks for popcorn - in the words of my grandfather, "I'm not cheap but I know when I'm being ripped off"). Otherwise my mind was pretty open which can be a rare experience.

I am still reflecting on the movie.  It wasn't really about sitting there and being entertained.  I felt like there was a message - though I'm unable to articulate it at this time.

For what it is worth I recommend dropping the $10.75 on a ticket.


Last minute election advice...

Watch the election coverage on mute.  The pundits sound so much better that way.



I don't know why but I'm just not comfortable going through my wife's purse,  even if she asks me to.  

Today I was looking for a piece of gum and fumbled around in there for like five minutes until I finally found one.  I even had specific directions as to where the gum was located but could not quickly fish it out.

When I need a specific item and I ask Laura where it is, I cringe when I hear the dreaded phrase, "It's in my purse."