My Comprehensive Immigration Reform:

Obviously immigrants (legal, illegal, documented, undocumented, what have you) are a huge part of America. Our negligent federal government has allowed millions of people to come across the borders. They are now working, having kids, sending them to school, using health care, etc. I don't believe we can deport the people who are here illegally and I don't believe that we should give them amnesty.

I propose inviting anyone who has been in America, illegally, to get legal without fear of penalty -whether it is a path to citizenship, a work visa, etc. Those here less than a year would be sent home with special privilege to gain access to come back after going through the proper process. I don't know what that process is but if there isn't one then get one in place.

Before all this happens the border would need to be closed in some fashion. I do not know what this means or looks like and what it would do to the economy, tourism and travel. The impact should be minimal but maintaining the goal of reforming the current immigration policy.

It would be helpful to define why immigration reform is needed. I could make assumptions a spout off typical answers but it would be nice to see hard data on this.

Don't Mortgage Our Future...

Although I don't know what that means exactly I like how it sounds.

Federal, state, and local governments are broke and seem to be borrowing more.

I think that all students should skip the last week of school (except seniors so they don't screw up college plans). I think refusing to pay taxes until the politicians "figure" it out is acceptable. IMR.