Don't Mortgage Our Future...

Although I don't know what that means exactly I like how it sounds.

Federal, state, and local governments are broke and seem to be borrowing more.

I think that all students should skip the last week of school (except seniors so they don't screw up college plans). I think refusing to pay taxes until the politicians "figure" it out is acceptable. IMR.

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Susie Q said...

I agree-
if a citizen was writing bad checks and overdrafting accounts, there would be obvious penalties. Leadership should be the example, and not be the exception to rules- thus Government, if unable to be held accountable for resources squandered, should be cut off- lets get out of debt, balance the budget, and reprioritize where tax dollars are going. I don't mind paying taxes, however, when money is going down the drain and the rate just increases, something must change. Tax dollars should be a privelidge, not a right. Just a thought.