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"The more we share the more we have..." (an internet search credits this quote to Leonard Nimoy)

These are a few items I have tried over the past couple of months and wanted to share:

I bought the Iron Gym with a gift certificate I was given as a Christmas present. It is about 50 bucks and well worth it. I don't have a gym membership and because of time constraints on my schedule, probably never will. I may never need one again with Iron Gym. It does leave marks on a white door frame but that is my only compaint.

To supplement the Iron Gym, Laura bought me The Perfect Push-up for Valentine's Day. I was skeptical of these but I actually really like using them. I have not been very consistent but when I have used them I have felt the burn.

This may be a repeat but I can't get enough of the Cholula hot sauce. I like to try all kinds of hot sauces. Cholula is not the hottest but it is the tastiest. I put it on eggs, baked potatoes, rice, even pasta. There must be some chemical in the ingredients that causes addiction because I stock up on the stuff and cannot go without it.

If you want eco-friendly clothes and don't mind paying for it Nau may be something to check out. They recently went out of business and relaunched their products in October of 2008. I treated myself to a few items over the holidays. I say treat because it is expensive compared to shopping at stores in the mall. If you are a regular at Bloomingdales or Armani then maybe you think otherwise. A 100 bucks for a t-shirt is a little ridiculous. Nau has good end of season sales, sometimes even offering 40-50% off. That's when I check in to make a purchase. If you subscribe to their email newsletter "off the grid" you get an early heads up on sales.

I ordered a couple shirts last spring and they mistakenly sent me a double order. When I contacted customer service they told me to keep it or give them to a friend. It was because they were going out of business but still I though it was a nice thing to do. (Maybe that's why they went out of business, giving away product!)

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