Keeping the New Year's Rez...

My car needed new brakes so I took it to the Toyota dealership. I figured I'd continue reading a book I got for Christmas as I waited. The title is called Overdosed America The Broken Promise of American Medicine. It is a book written by a family doctor who through personal research discovers that many of the new drugs heavily marketed do little to help the medical condition they were invented for and even cause more harm to the patient. Sometimes simply exercising will be more effective than taking a drug!

From what I've read so far it seems that the health industry is just as interested if not more in your money than your well-being. It is a good lesson for us to stay informed as to what is happening out there and pay careful attention to what we are putting into our bodies.

I just read this article today about over-the-counter cough medicine being ineffective.

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Susie Q said...

hehe, glad to see you are sticking to it...hope you are enjoying NY! miss you!