What's compatibility have to do with it???

This came up in our Bible study group last Tuesday night. I can't take credit for it, Carrie is to thank for that. I will share what we discussed.

Somehow we were talking about the differences between my wife Laura and myself. When it comes to personality we are extreme opposites. Most of the couples in our group would consider themselves opposites on many aspects, not just personality. EHarmony boasts more matches that become marriages than any other service. You can get a free compatiblity report right on their website! One of their commercials has a couple all starry eyed saying how they find more and more in common with each other every day.

I think Laura and I find more that's different than the same! I'm not saying that one way is better than the other, but I would like to know if more marriages are two people of "compatibility" or "opposabiltiy" (if that is even a word).

Maybe EHarmony factors this into their "compatibility" tests but I would venture to say that they do not.

Anyways we all thought this to be odd. Can anyone help me out?


Susie Q said...

I personally prefer opposites (with some things in common of course) because then you have balance, and you don't feel like you are with another you of the oppostite sex...it we liked ourselves that much, why would we go outside of ourselves to seek companionship? You just have to be willing to settle on things with maturity.

Eddie Morrow said...

I would have to say that me and Jenn are split down the middle.

c-spewer said...

It's an interesting balance, chezman... (did you get my email since you moved?)

On one hand, I think there are things that are more essential (or at least easier) if they are the same. Things like background, cleanliness tolerance, religion, goals, etc. Then there's the things that are more the spice of life, where differences can be great if both people are open-minded and embrace them. Examples of this are things such as personalities, tastes in music, food and other things, etc. Then there's stuff in the middle... like how you relate to people or to each other... those types of things, imho, can go either way. They can spice up life more if different or make it easier to communicate/relate if they're not.

c-spewer said...

btw... I wonder how many of the e-harmony weddings make it after 1,2,5, and 25 years? They haven't been around enough for the latter, but I wonder if they keep statistics. Would they 'beat' the average or do worse? I'm personally a bit skeptical, but I don't have very many data points either.