day trader...

so i bought my first stock the other day. 3.848 shares to be exact. the lucky company is concophilips. i've been watching several stocks over the last few months: toyota, target, dell, nextel and intel. there are two small companies, metwood and new river pharmacueticals, that i also watch. laura has disney and she works for entercom so we have that too. concophilips was the first company i actually researched first and then purchased. ruth's chris steakhouse just went public. i'm trying to set up a scottrade account so i can buy some but my password isn't working for some reason. we love ruth's chris so why not buy it? my only reason is we love the steaks. if you have any stock tips for me send them my way. it's no good to have zeal without knowledge, or to be hasty and miss the way

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