Gift giving...

Receiving gifts is one of the five "love languages" in Gary Chapman's book The Five Love Languages. Some (of us) do not jive with the whole giving and receiving of gifts; we are not wired that way. So it can make this time of year stressful and even unenjoyable. Laura loves giving gifts. She takes the time to find the perfect gift for each person. If there is an accesssory that will make it extra special, she will find it. Then she buys the most expensive, highest quality, fancy wrapping paper (I didn't know anyone actually purchased their wrapping paper at Barnes and Noble!!!) and perfectly wraps the gifts. You can't even see the Scotch tape! My only contribution is an index finger so she can tie a bow for the finishing touch (and maybe I will fill out the little taggy thing).

Wisdom tells us that everyone is a friend to someone who gives gifts, and that a gift can open the way into someone's heart. We can make important connections with each other by giving gifts. Consumerism and retail chains do not have to rule the day...we can. This is something for me to keep in mind as I trudge through the mall and swipe the credit card.


Where did the tradition of giving gifts originate anyway? Perhaps from Chris Cringle or St. Nick? Or maybe from the Maji who travelled from the east bearing gifts to "the one who has been born king of the Jews". Consider the action of these "3 Wise Men" this holiday season for they are the ones who got it right.

What gifts can I to give the King in 2006? An important question to reflect on in the midst of holiday busyness and as we celebrate the new year.

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Susie Q said...

nice point, as usual. hope you enjoy the rest of your day! love you!