Trying to read...

Nasty weather delayed Laura's flight so I sat down to read the book I brought, Dinesh D'Souza's What's So Great About America. I already read it once but it is that good I decided to go through it again. As I sat there reading about the author's interpretation of Jean-Jacques Rousseau's way of thinking and living (I've been stuck re-reading this because it is confusing me), when this women busts out her cell phone, starts yapping and ruins my concentration. Before she started talking there was other people having conversations that I somehow blocked out. Even the noise of a busy airport was no distraction. This lady, however, was. I don't know if she had an especially annoying voice or there is a phenomena where the brain cannot distinguish someone who appears to be talking to themself as normal.

I did a Google search (which buy the way is a hot stock right now. I personally can't afford it but my sources tell me to start purchasing) - to see if there was some weird phenomena where the brain will not block out something abnormal like a person, appearing to talk to themself, on a cell phone. It could just be that this women uses a louder voice when on her cell. Or maybe this woman was from New York or Jersey.

My search results returned nothing but it wasn't a very rigorous one. I'm going to conclude that it is people being too loud. Oh wait, more evidence is coming in now to support my loud theory - Laura, my lovely wife who happens to be a New Jersey native, is talking (more like shouting) on her phone intruding into my blog time. She's even in another room. Yo! Shut the door!

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Susie Q said...

well, I guess that there is one thing you could get out of this predicament....at least you still have your hearing, right??haha. hope you are doing well! what are your christmas plans? love you!