An article worth reading...

"When you don't earn something or suffer to get it, do you value it less highly? If you value it less highly, will you bother to know it, understand it, study it? Will you bother truly to become part of it?"

-Peggy Noonan

Sobering and eye opening.


c-spewer said...

Great article. I agree with her line of questioning and I do agree with her flippant remark on politicising it; however, I think she's overly simplifying the economic one. The elites of this country (and the middle class) wants a low-cost work force and they employ them. That's why illegal immigration is sustainable. On the human question, it's more than about "toughening up" the hearts of those coming in... there's a human element to their needs and their lives that is being ignored.

So I would agree w/ her half-way: We need to tighten up the borders and we shouldn't be rewarding those that break the law; however, we need to allow for some system of immigration from mexico that allows people to come over and work.

Kevin Cieslukowski said...

Isn't there a movie/documentary called "What If There Were No Mexicans" that address just how much immigration (legal or otherwise) contributes to our country?

People are coming here for different reasons in 2005. There is no Ellis Island. I haven't read any ideas on a solution. I would like to see a list of the benefits and the burdens that effect the US economy and way of life.