The key is to not get out of shape...

So after a week vacation over Thanksgiving eating lots of good food and desserts (filled with preservatives and non-food like substances) I noticed the scales tipping not in my favor. No problem, I will just hit the YMCA (after a month sabbatical) and get back into it. Well it's not so easy getting back into it.

Our bodies have a way of speaking to us. Whenever my body is sore in the morning, for no apparent reason, I take that as a sign something is wrong. If I get winded running up the stairs of my apartment, there's a problem.

My conclusion is to not get out of shape. That would be the wise thing to do. With another holiday coming I forsee more food and lots of couch time watching football. I better try and stay active. Perhaps a couple extra laps around the mall could count as a days worth of exercise? Or go with a lady friend and make a marathon out of it.


tri-cor said...

haha....love the marathon comment with your girl! ain't it the truth!!! and no i havnt seen sideways. good flick?

Kevin Cieslukowski said...

Sideways is about wine country in California. I'm not sure if I liked it! But I would see it again!