Chill vs. Crisp...

Someone said to me the other day that this is the winter that never ends. I am getting accustomed to bracing myself for the cold each morning when I walk out the door. The travel mug I use can't even keep my coffee warm. I like the snow but typically do not get to enjoy it. It becomes more of a hassle and mess in the big city.

What I am looking forward to is the change of the season especially when the warmer temperatures try to break through the cold. I love a chilly spring morning when the smell of new grass and flowers is in the air. There is something refreshing in that chill against my skin.

It is similar to the change from summer to autumn but when the warm temperatures become cold I like to say the air is crisp. I'm not sure which one is my favorite, the chill or the crisp. There is definitely more excitement coming out of winter, anticipating spring and summer.

This weekend we turn the clocks ahead. I noticed it is no longer dark when I leave work. Now it will be lighter later. Longer days...another thing to look forward to.

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