Unfortunately I have to watch American Idol because Laura needs to talk about it for her radio show. Sometimes I can get into it but usually I leave the room when the songs are bad. Here is my prediction of the order the contestants will be booted:

1. Kris

2. Megan

3. Adam

4. Jasmine

5. Michael

6. Alexis

7. Anoop

8. Allison

9. Danny

10. Scott

11. Matt

12. Jorge

And the winner will be Lil.

My formula for picking the winner is talent+looks+likeability+politics.


Dana said...

you're off unfortunately.

and sorry to say, you're going to be taking me to Cold Stone for "love it" size sundaes when my peeps get through and yours get sent packin.

And in reference to my top pick all I'm saying is Danny Gokey- YES WE CAN.

Eddie Morrow said...

I like your formula.

Kevin Cieslukowski said...

i was horribly wrong.