Is there a term for a person who doesn't update their blog regularly, or even yearly?

Just paid my tax burden, or I should say my remaining balance. I'll stop there before the explicatory language flies.

I live in Islip, NY. We spend $9962 a year for each student in school. The average expenditure in the U.S. is around $6000 (according to Sperling's Best Places). There is an 89% graduation rate here in Islip. Not bad I guess. Should we have those students who don't graduate pay back the money?

I ran some numbers and if a child chose to forgo the education system and put the cash in an interest bearing account (say 3%) they could have about $144k by the time they are 18. Doesn't seem like all that much. If they were savvy and found a way to get 8% return they could have $200k. That's enough for a quality liberal arts education.

I think that when something is "free" it is less appreciated. That's why making college free for all is probably not the best idea. I wonder what the unintended consequences of free health care would be. It's already free for many of us cause our employer takes care of it. I have little to no responsibility for my health care.

The other night I watched "As Good As It Gets" with Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt. I was too much of a young head full of mush to realize when the movie came out in 1997 that it was one big universal health care infomercial. No wonder it won a Golden Globe.


Kevin said...

So should I vote for Hillary or not?

Dana said...

I read a quote today that said why should republicans vote for a democrat when they have one running in their own party.

got your email dude. trying to reply.

i don't think i will make the cut for the October PE. I will try for April 09. Bummer.

Q said...

on a whim I decided to check in.... and you DID update!!! that means you're still alive, and celebrating today about that too?? =) good to hear from you friend! hope all is well!