Thomas Sowell has another "Random Thoughts" column so I figure I would go with a "Rumblings" of my own.

This past weekend I turned 30 years old. Three decades - not bad. It is weird to think that some of my family members have known me for thirty years. And they still talk to me!

I have decided to forego the traditional wallet and use a money clip that holds credit cards (Special thanks to Steve Schmidt for the groomsman gift.) It has been much easier sitting down whether at my desk or while driving. With the added space I have been carrying other items in my back pocket: keys, pens, cell phone, etc. Letters and envelopes are particularly bad to carry in the back pocket. Somehow they just work themselves way out. I almost lost a couple. Must be the swivel hips.

What is it with women and their fear of running out of toilet paper? Since I got married I never had so much tp. Everytime I open a closet more falls out. I have a toilet paper storage bin next to the toilet paper dispenser in the bathroom. Each week at the grocery store I hear the line, "We need toilet paper." I just roll with it.

For some reason I find it more interesting to flip through a magazine backwards. I actually read more articles this way. I think it is because I can never find the damn table of contents.

With all the emails, text messaging and online bill paying do you think the post office will ever go out of business?

If I buy fair trade coffee at Wal-mart am I just cancelling myself out? Is it like a carbon credit? Where's Al Gore when you need him.

We recently moved into an apartment with tile floors. I never broke so many glasses. Forgive me if I offer you a drink in a plastic cup. We are all out of glass.


Susie Q said...

k. I say it often, but it still rings true. I really miss you guys! happy belated birthday! you rock.

Angela said...

Hi Kev! Oh, we are having such a fun night, my Love and me, listening to the funniest tape ever! Yes that is a cassette tape. Guess who?

Hugs from Honey Child & My Love and our Baby Cakes. :)