Now we are cooking with gas...

A coworker of mine, Eddie, used to say that a lot. I get the jist of it, but not until now have I experienced it. Our apartment has a gas stove and man is it nice. My scrammbled eggs are done in less than two minutes. I burned the butter yesterday not paying attention! Our heat is gas too. Funny how they allow open flames in the house and how people don't really think twice about it. Not me, its always in the back of my head that I could get blown through the wall while making my eggs in the morning. That's why I never cook in my skivvies.

Other Ramblings...

My lastest obession, next to my wife:

Oops...wrong picture

The Aston Martin Vantage

New York politics are a little different than in North Carolina, to say the least. I'm looking forward to this election year even though I still find the current political climate nausiating. Anyways, I am an avid listener of talk radio. My latest find is Air America 1190 WLIB, Progressive Talk. It is liberals answer to Rush Limbaugh.

More and more people these days seem to have a problem with capitalism. I can understand their beef in some ways. As of right now I don't have a problem with it, but I will continue to allow my thoughts to be shaped. A book Laura and I are reading is by Ron Sider called, Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger. We haven't read enough to comment on. Just speaking out of my you know what for right now, I'd say the problem is more with marketing and Hollywood.

I would like to pose a question that nobody else (to my knowledge) has. Is Kanye West overrated? I really don't know anything about him other than his song "Gold-digger" which I think is clever. Oh and that he criticized the President on national television during a Hurricane Katrina fund-raiser. I think that is his claim to fame. Nothing is more popular right now than hating the President.

I saw Brokeback Mountain. I wonder how many people comment on it (positively or otherwise) without even seeing it? It wasn't what I expected.

And finally one complaint about New York living. People do not put their shopping carts in the shopping cart return cage. They just leave them in the parking lot strued about haphazardly obstructing reasonable peoples like myself ability to park. It's not just one or two but dozens!


Susie Q said...

Haha, you are funny...and I like it when you update so I know what is going on in your life! did you guys get buried in the snow too?? Ahh, politics....likely much more intense in the North East than out here in LA. Love you!

just a barking pig said...

glad to see your getting used to the NY lifestyle.... :) miss you both tremendously!