Armed with new tools...

So I just finished ironing my shirt for work. It has become a daily ritual. The dress code at my job is a shirt and tie (pants are optional). Personally I choose to wear the pants and I wear shoes too. My new favorite tool to put my shoes on is the shoehorn. I just have a simple one but you can choose from a large variety of shapes and sizes. Who knew? There are even shoehorns for women!

Take a moment and collect yourself.

Excuse me while I go tie my tie.


Brett said...

are you gonna get one of those electric tie racks? oh, and the electric shoe buffer too? You are so NY/NJ already! Just keep the hair...donot change the hair.

Susie Q said...

haha...oh the difference...you are lucky if I even change out of my pajamas for class....and I don't need a shoe horn for flip flops...hope you are doing well