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I am home on paternity leave so in between my daughter's naps and feedings I've been doing what I like to call "putzing" around the internet.

Here are some articles:

American Babies Are Ruining Everything -- It amazes me that people think this way. I guess growing up in small town Dillsburg, PA and going to a pre-dominantly technical/business university I didn't get exposed to a lot of liberal/progressive social ideas.

What If Washington Were a Ghost Town -- I have had a non-sexual crush on Peggy Noonan for many years. And although I think she has spent two much time on the Upper East Side losing touch with the reality, her columns are worth reading.

Medical Care Confusion -- I also have a non-sexual crush on Thomas Sowell

The Exodus of Shame and Dignity -- And I have an all out crush on Dana DiDonato.

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@pril G said...

Just read this in Parade magazine (admittedly not the most scientific magazine):
"The global money supply is about $60 trillion. (Economists call this figure the M3 value; it includes much more than currency.) Say that we take it all - which means that you and Bill Gates would have nothing in the bank - and then distribute it equally among every individual in the world, about 6.8 billion people. Each man, woman, and child would receive about $9,000."