One day I want to buy a Porsche. I don't think I ever will but maybe. Right now, I have to put that dream on hold, cause we are having a baby. We just finished registering this weekend. What did people do before Babies 'R Us? So much stuff...do we really need it all? I do see some value in the diaper genie. :)

I felt the first "kick" the other night. No, it wasn't from Laura...the little one kicked my hand and sent a jolt through my whole body. Unbelievable.

Over the past month I have been eating one grapefruit a day. I never ate them in the past but now prefer grapefruit to oranges. I would almost say I am addicted.

I am definitely addicted to Cholula hot sauce. We are hooked up to IV's in the Chez house. Thankfully IHOP has it cause with Laura's pregnancy cravings taking me there every weekend, my eggs over easy never tasted so good.

Experienced the “Dairy Barn” the other night. Every time Laura and I drive by one we point at it and laugh. What is it and who goes there? We drove right up, got our water and ice cream, and drove out. You can even get beer!

Gordon Brown got DVD's.

Doesn't it make sense that the quickest way to get money into people's hands is to cut their payroll taxes? Tax credits are like coupons to me. I hate it when I have to buy two to get one free, or buy a pack of hot dogs to get 20 cents off ketchup. Cutting rebate checks is ridiculous. Why mail out all those checks other than political PR?

When AIG executives get retention bonuses they build summer homes or renovate their townhouse. That gives me and many other people jobs.

Coca-cola…it's not really necessary. How much money is spent on it every year? What if we just stopped drinking it? What would happen? How much money would people save? How many people would lose a job? How much would shareholders lose? It is an interesting question to think about.

Can't wait for warmer weather. I need some sun on the receding hairline.

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Susie Q said...

BABY!?!?!?!?!?! what? when? lol