Thomas Sowell will go through "Random Thoughts" every now and then in his column. I love it when he does this. He is very insightful.

I don't presume to compare with him, but there are what I will call, "Rumblings":

Does it make me lame that I have a “tape player” in my car? What if I still have tapes?

Even on an empty tank, yellow light flashing I will forgo a full service only gas station in search of a self-serve. I just want to do it myself.

Do you find it mildly satisfying to make it through a yellow light or one that just turns red as you are passing through the intersection? Well that feeling is squashed here in Long Beach, NY cause if you make it through one, there is a red light waiting for you 100 yards ahead at the next intersection. The man keeps you down.

Somewhere between 25 and thirty the body (at least mine) confuses growing hair on the head with growing it on the back. How does one deal with a receeding hairline?

Henry Petroski says that past success is no guarentee against future failure.

Even though I know little about her Mother Teresa is one of my favorite people. She says, "Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We only have today. Let us begin."


Kevin M. said...

I do get that satisfaction with the stoplights.

I read some Henry Petroski fairly recently. I think it was "Small Things Considered". It was very interesting.

Kevin Cieslukowski said...

I am reading "Success Through Failure". Picked it up at my local library!