My hope for our country and world is not is some politcal candidate or party. I do hope Newt Gingrich will run for president in 2008. He hasn't declared anything. He is just out there giving speeches and debating ideas. He may be the only person with ideas.

I read his book Winning the Future and found it to be quite inspiring. Here is the dedication:

To my grandchildren Maggie and Robert and all the other grandchildren who deserve to inherit an America that is as free, safe, healthy and prosperous as the America we inherited.


To the millions of Americans (including first generation immigrants who want to become American) who will have to work, argue, struggle and at times fight to preserve our freedom, our safet, our health and our prosperity.

I will post more on Newt as I learn more about him. Maybe my mind will change as i dive deeper into what this man believes and how he will go about accomplishing his plans for America. I am open to that. We live in the "information age" so there is no excuse to be uninformed and swept away by rhetoric.

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