Wading through religion and politics...

Two of my favorite subjects that at least in the past are a faux pas to discuss or inquire about. I have generally lived by that principle; confrontation really isn't my thing. But there is no fun in keeping silent, plus we will never learn if we do not challenge each other's points of view.

My latest thought is about those who try and bring about God's kingdom through political persuasion and even legislation. Is that the vocation of the church? I think it is overcompensation for the church's waning influence in popular culture. There is an appearance of momentum and political weight by people of faith (mostly from the "religious right" or "moral majority") - okay maybe it is more than just an appearance, there is some legitimacy as proven in the 2004 election. However when I listen to and read the rhetoric from "D's" or "R's" of faith I am disappointed.

I guess I believe that the church shouldn't look to the government to get things done. The church has become small in public life. The current followers of Jesus need to rise up as a community that embodies the words and way of life of the Teacher. We need to be a community that is big again. Not for the sake of political pull or so we can get our way, but so we can experience goodness, grace and truth.

No one political party can encompass my views and convictions. It is impossible. God's kingdom functions and operates in a certain way and the government of the United States in another. They are focused on accomplishing different goals and bringing about certain ends. At times these goals and ends coincide, somes even the means are similar, but I feel the differences will tip the scale (one way or the other).

In our political ideology we must allow for the differences in kingdom and state. As followers of Jesus it is of utmost importance to learn how he wants us to live and be the men and women he has called us to be.

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Susie Q said...

such a good point.