I Find the Current Political Climate Nauseating...

My first question, to myself and whoever else is out there reading, thank you by the way, is am I ignorant to think that politicians really do care about people? Or are they in the tank for themsleves and the special interests/lobbyists that fund their campaigns? How many do you think has sold out? Republican, Democrat, I don't care about parties. My target is any elected official who works in Washington or any state capitol.

Right now all I hear from Democrats is whining and complaining; finger pointing and placing blame. And where's the leadership from the Republicans? It's a damn circus (one of the reasons I stopped watching the news). We, the people, need to figure something out because I don't want a bunch of sell-outs with "D's" and "R's" next to their name determining my future.

I mentioned I stopped watching the news. It is all sensationalism. They must think we are stupid. I was for constantly watching. Now I read and listen to the radio which I turn off every now and then because it is just as ridiculous.

Newt Gingrich has written a book called Winning the Future. I am reading it right now because I heard he may run for president so I want to see what he is going to do. As other candidates throw their names in the hat we should see what they have to say as well. I am anxious to see if they talk in public what they write in their books. Too many go with the flow, say what people want to hear and politically posture themselves to get votes.

What has set me off tonight is what I read in this article by Jim Rice on the Sojourners website. I read Sojourners because of their attention to social justice. Their Democratic rhetoric is disappointing coming from men and women of faith. I want an alternative to viscious politics that is actually quite boring. Instead I get paragraphs like this one:

Since the U.S. occupation of Iraq, 700,000 Iraqis have taken refuge in Jordan, and the country has served as a gateway for Westerners coming to Iraq. (An ad in the Jordan Times while we were there encouraged European companies to position themselves in Jordan, ready to move into Iraq when the time is ripe for rebuilding its devastated infrastructure; after all, Halliburton can't reap ALL the spoils of war.)

He had to throw in a jab about Halliburton? Unfortuanately most of the articles in the site will have similar sarcastic remarks about the current administration or towards views contrary to those held by the Sojourner staff. Why? I am looking to this site for some direction in how to shape my politics and way of life as a follower of Jesus. But as of right now I do not really have much respect for the way they present their message.


Kevin Cieslukowski said...

thanks for making my point senator:


Susie Q said...

thanks for the comment kev...really good point too.