Ah...the weekend...time to recharge...

Today I read a couple articles that were thought provoking. I will post the links below.

*Peggy Noonan's current piece is one I found very interesting. I like how she introduced the subject and then painted the picture of the current social/politcal landscape.

*The United Nations scandal in the "Oil for Food" program hasn't received a lot of press. Several countries (US allies) were beneficiaries of illegal kickbacks from Saddam Hussein. Read comments by one member of the media .

*One of the ways I learn best is by listening to different speakers share their thoughts on a variety of subjects. My opinions are shaped and my views are challenged by hearing others (more knowledgable than me) expand and expound on issues of the day, history, politics and religion. Laura and I have been listening to a friend of ours, JR Woodward, talk on "A Call to Live in Reality" . Today I was able to listen to his fifth talk in a series of eleven on "Eyes Remade for Story."

*My mom gave me a book to read called In Search of Identity by Anwar el-Sadat. He was the President of Egypt. This book is his autobiography. I just finished chapter 3 and hope to share what he says soon.

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